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Africa Watch
Boko Haram in Nigeria and all the Al-Qaeda aligned terrorist groups across Africa and Middle-East continue their operations, re-equipped and strengthened by the weaponry and military materiel of Libya, their operational exit from Afghanistan and Pakistan freeing-up experienced and trained personnel, global funding from various source. We provide a closer look at Boko Haram and al-Shabaab organization, plus show you the U.S. Terrorist Most Wanted poster offering rewards of between $3m and $7m for the leaders of the Islamist militant groups in Africa. - READ MORE
Americas View
In this section we present the official U.S. government statements, public opinion polls and general comments America makes about Africa, with the intent to keep Africa officialdom aware of the Africa temperament in the USA –and to see “What America Sees” – This posting reports President Obama U.S.-Africa Summit and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks outlining America's new direction towards Africa-READ MORE
Africa Comment
Malawi is contemplating removing English from their classrooms. We also feature the 2014 African Transformation Report which outlines a view of Africa's possible or probable future- full report is linked for download. -READ MORE
Invention leads to "Made in Ghana "with great pride and ingenuity – Kantanka Group designed, produced and is manufacturing passenger cars in Ghana. Now that is NEWS! -READ MORE

We name the top 10 African philanthropists.PLUS - members of civilian vigilante groups known as the “civilian joint task force” are taking an increasingly active role in the government’s fight against Boko Haram


Profile of Ghana President, John Dramani Mahama – PLUS eight other noteworthy African politicians Michael Sata, Blaise Compaoré, President of Burkina Faso, Somalia Prime Minister; Re-elected President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Al-Bashir, President of Sudan; Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria; Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa; Sharif Ahmed, President of Somalia

Africa Inc
Insightful article of Sub-Sahara economic standing, plus a report of Russian business probes in Cote d'Ivoire. China will earmark more than half of all of its foreign aid to Africa Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced during his Africa visit. PLUS -Oil industry executives believe that by late 2014 or early 2015, the US will stop importing Nigerian crude.-READ MORE
Kenya Jihadist meets a reporter who is an atheist; the interviewee is Abubakar Shariff Ahmed, better known by his nickname, Makaburi. It means "graveyard" in Swahili. Ask around in the Majengo area of Mombasa and people will know where he lives. But ask around too much and you are likely to have a problem -READ MORE
Much Ado about the Meaning of a Name among Africans. Many African children are given at least three names. Each is carefully selected to reflect the circumstances of the child's birth, the family history, the parents' status or the expectations for the child's future. Cuban Ganga finds his roots in Sierra Leonean village- a touching 175 year return to the Continent -READ MORE
The Arts
Ebola epidemic has created new song that explains what not to do and what to do and become a radio hit. With all the political events taking place in Egypt, its history and grandeur still comes to life - until a decade ago, no one knew if Heracleion, believed to be an ancient harbor city, was fiction or real. Now the researchers have found it. -READ MORE


Africa Kitchen
Art of Sushi-Making African-Style. The unique drinks of Africa. Then we tell you of Morocco and its saffron crop. France's cherished culinary tradition holds big attraction for foreign visitors. But few tourists realize that many chefs and most kitchen staff in Paris and other big cities are immigrants from Africa. Review of a classic Nairobi restaurant Carnivore – Plus a great Senegal food article which appeared in the “Saveur” magazine, courtesy of Peirre Thiam, our chef colleague. Link to the U.S. based African Dinner website listing African restaurants in all the major metropolitan areas of the U.S.-READ MORE
Book Review
"Foreign Gods, Inc." a new must-read book by a Nigerian author reviewed. Nelson Mandela's autobiography turned into a film – our review. From orphan to author, the self-help guru is turning the spiritual world upside down by exploring a new concept, African Spirituality. “Our ancestors believed in African deities and gained their strength to survive one of the worst atrocities in American history," Followed by a review of a book by the President of Ghana “My First Coup D'état” – and a review of a 19th Century travel book of West Africa by Mary Kingsley, published in 1892, a must read before your visit to Sierra Leone - READ MORE
Career Info
The African Times/USA presents Career Opportunities as a community outreach resource to our readers and site visitors. World Bank seeking new talent; Africa Development Bank’s new career program is outlined; U.S. White House internship information, a way to work with the U.S. President; Fulbright Scholarship availability and contacts for US and non-US applicants -READ MORE
Festivals and Celebrations and Carnivals are a given in all parts of Africa, here are four very special ones that you should consider putting on your "To Do List". And then we tell you with a WARNING! The following is not a place to visit at this time, but you should put it on your Africa travel bucket list, because when all will become peaceful it will be the top Africa destination. Plus a report on the assistance the world organization UNWTO will be providing to Libya tourism -READ MORE


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The U.S. Department of Justice Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative is designed to crack down on corrupt foreign officials who steal money of their country and use it to live the high life in the U.S.

Thus far, this anti-corruption initiative has seized nearly $600 million from corrupt officials of Nigeria, Taiwan, South Korea, Afghanistan, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The largest seizure, $480 million, came against the estate of former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha, who died 16 years ago.

The most recent case breaks with the common pattern of waiting until the official has ended his or her nation's rule before prosecuting them under the Kleptocracy Initiative.

The most recent Kleptocrat is Teodorin Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son and heir apparent to the Equatorial Guinea’s President, now "serving" as the country's Second Vice President. As part of the case resolution, Obiang must sell his lavish Malibu, California mansion, a Ferrari and Michael Jackson memorabilia to raise $20 million, which the U.S. Government will give to a charity working for the people of Equatorial Guinea and $10.3 million to the U.S. which will also be used to benefit the people of Equatorial Guinea.

However, this resolution before an actual trial, missed an opportunity to expose the workings of corruption in the oil-rich nation, putting Obiang on trial would have brought revelations that ... could have been of inestimable value to expose the nature of the corruption system in Equatorial Guinea, as well as the role of lawyers, bankers and other professionals who grease the wheels of abuse.

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President Kenyantta At The Hague!

Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyantta came to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands. As the first sitting President to stand accused by the ICC since it was established in 2002 to prosecute war crimes, his trial is likely to serve as an awkward moment for the ICC. With Africa's full-blown skepticism about the court, the world is watching to see if charges against him will be dropped with an apparent weak case by ICC prosecutors. His lawyers have since moved to have the case dropped. The charges - which Mr. Kenyatta denies - concern his alleged role in violence following the 2007 elections when over 1,000 people were killed in the aftermath of the poll. Mr. Kenyatta says the charges against him are politically motivated and insists that the case should be thrown out. The case was sent to the ICC after Kenya failed to bring the perpetrators to justice. The ICC judges must now decide whether to abandon the trial for lack of evidence or give the prosecution more time to search for the missing evidence. Upon arrival in Hague, the President's convoy received a presidential welcome. Flag-waving crowds surged as his police-escorted car pulled up with international TV crews jostled to get him in their frame.



Nigeria government and the North Nigeria terrorists, Boko Haram have agreed to an immediate cease-fire. The Nigeria's Chief of Defense staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, announced the truce and ordered the government troops to immediately comply with the agreement. "Already, the terrorists have announced a cease-fire in furtherance of their desire for peace. In this regard, the government of Nigeria has, in similar vein, declared a cease-fire," Omeri said. The cease-fire talks took place in neighboring Chad. The fate of more than 200 missing schoolgirls abducted by the insurgents six months ago remains unclear. Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade said their release is still being negotiated.


Malawi has jailed its first senior official for the so-called "Cashgate" affair - the worst financial scandal in the country's history. A court in Lilongwe sentenced former tourism official Treza Senzani to three years' imprisonment with hard labor. She pleaded guilty to stealing $150,000 of government money. At least 70 people have been arrested over "Cashgate" after an audit revealed that about $30 million had been skimmed from the government payment system. Businessmen and politicians are alleged to have connived with civil servants to make payments for goods and services that were never delivered. Western donor nations and agencies, which provide 40% of Malawi's budget, pulled the plug on vital aid worth around $150m in reaction to the scandal.


Somalia's first-ever cash withdrawal machine (ATM) has been installed in Mogadishu. Some people are confused about how the machine works because they have never used one before. The machine, installed by Salaam Somali Bank in an up-market hotel, allows customers to withdraw U.S. dollars. The new machine allows people to withdraw money from their international bank accounts, using cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, with cash being paid only in US dollars.


Ethiopia Embassy in Washington D.C. was a target of Ethiopian opposition demonstrators. They invaded the grounds of its Embassy and tried to take down the Embassy's national flag. The incident became quite serious to a point where the Security Attaché of the Embassy used and fired a gun, action which further renewed tensions between Ethiopia's government and its dissident groups, both in the U.S. and Ethiopia. Dina Mufti, a spokesman for Ethiopia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told Ethiopian state television said the U.S. government is expected to protect the integrity of the Embassy and hopes U.S. authorities will prosecute protesters who tried to take down the flag. The U.S. State Department indicated that authorities were investigating the incident and the shooting, which reportedly caused no injuries. Meanwhile the Ethiopia Embassy Security Attaché left the U.S. back to Addis Abba.


South Africa's high court has overturned the murder and attempted murder convictions of famous rapper Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye. The court convicted him of the lesser crime of culpable homicide, or manslaughter. It reduced his 20-year prison sentence to 10. In 2012, a lower court convicted Maarohanye of murder and attempted murder after he killed four pupils and wounded two others while drag-racing in Johannesburg's Soweto Township in 2010. Maarohanye's lawyer argued during the appeal that the musician had been on drugs on the day of the race, and did not have any intention to kill the children. The high court seemed to accept the argument, saying the murder charges could not stand. The murder and attempted murder convictions of Maarohanye's co-accused, Themba Tshabalala, were also overturned.


Somali government and African Union (AU) forces have taken full control of the last port city held by militant Islamists. AU and Somali forces entered Barawe, 135 miles south-west of the capital Mogadishu residents said. The al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab group surrendered the town without much resistance. The AU says al-Shabaab used Barawe as a base to launch attacks on the capital and was the port supply route for weapons and food, and as a base for a lucrative charcoal business. Military commander addressed hundreds of residents, calling on them to support the government. "Al-Shabaab is no longer in Barawe," said the commander, Abdirisak Khalif Elmi. Al-Shabaab has lost control of several towns in recent month, but still controls large swathes of the Somalia territory in rural areas.


Journalists in Liberia will need official Government permission to cover the Ebola outbreak under new patient privacy rules. The move was announced, the same day an American cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia became the first foreign journalist to test positive for Ebola. Growing international media interest in the Ebola outbreak and its handling by the Government and its local health-care system have become the major media story world-wide. Under the new ruling, journalists could be arrested and prosecuted if they fail to get written permission from the Health Ministry before contacting Ebola patients, conducting interviews or filming or photographing health-care facilities.


One of the newest Ministerial Circulars published by the South Sudan Government basically declares "Get out of our country!" Specifically, investor's representatives, Executive Directors of companies owned or co-owned by foreign investors, and private companies in general including airlines, hotels, lodges, banks, insurance companies and foreigners employed in the public sector, must hand over their positions to South Sudanese citizens by 15th of October 2014. The new ruling also applies to NGO’s and foreign aid organizations, a move which could lead to the instant collapse of the economy as by and large the expertise is lacking to fill such positions with suitably qualified locals.