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Toyin Falola, distinguished professor of history, is one of Africa’s most accomplished intellectuals. Born Oloruntoyin Falola in 1953 in the Nigerian city of Ibadan, he grew up in a sprawling, polygamous household that practiced Islam, Christianity and ancient Yoruba spirituality. This confluence of multiple worldviews and religions reflects in his thinking and in his massive academic output. 


Here Are Seven South African ‘Travelogues’ For Recommended Reading

Travel writing in Africa is often associated with colonial ventures of the past or white adventure pursuits of today. But Africans themselves have long produced captivating travel texts in oral and written forms. We need to look beyond narrowly western or white accounts as travel writing is produced across the world by an extensive range of writers.


The House of Eve By Sadeqa Johnson

From the award-winning author of Yellow Wife, a daring and redemptive novel set in 1950s Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., that explores what it means to be a woman and a mother, and how much one is willing to sacrifice to achieve her greatest goal.


The ‘Black People Read’ campaign has been launched. An initiative by The African Times/USA, it is designed to promote and sustain the reading culture among Black people around the world. 

In times past, it was often derisively said that if you want to hide something from a Black person or any person of color, put it inside a book. However, times have changed, and The African Times/USA has taken measures to reverse the narrative.

“Today, said a Times’ literary executive, “Black People now read.