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Africa and France: An unfulfilled dream of independence?

 Africa Thought is YOUR Interactive space. Each week, we will feature topical issues that will demand your thoughts, input, comments and reaction. This week, we offer you two stories that define the undercurrent behind France’s peculiar history with her former colonies. In one of these pieces, you will discover why Haiti continues to be so devastatingly poor since gaining independence from France in 1804. 


How Nigeria’s Igbo women forced the hands of the British Authorities

Africa and her descendants can be found literally in all the continents and islands of the world. And under the banner of AFRICA WORLD, we will bring you reports on how these African Diasporans have maintained their original cultures within the milieu of their new “homes;” plus how the Black, Colored and White Africans have thrived and have gone on to influence the rest of the World. This week, read our poignant report from Brazil. 


Grid or solar: Which Best Serves As Energy Solution For Rural Africa’s Needs?

For business, economy, trade, commodities, and where to, how-to, and know-how of investments in and with Africa, read our weekly reviews. For current Stock Exchange Rates from Africa’s fast-rising market. Also, our writers will continuously monitor the innovations from Africa’s burgeoning tech sector – from Rwanda to Nigeria, etc.


Now you can #ShopAfrica from Grocery, Beauty to Books & Literature!

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The Africa Times/USA has been continually published, biweekly since 1989, and has influenced the perception of Africa as an emergent continent and economic and social force.

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How France extorted Haiti for the greatest heist in history

France instituted slavery on the island in the 17th century, but, in the late 18th century, the enslaved population rebelled and eventually declared independence. Yet, somehow, in the 19th century, the thinking went that the former enslavers of the Haitian people needed to be compensated, rather than the other way around.


When “White” Brazilian Politicians Turned Black Last Year To Run For Elective Office

Afro-Brazilians – a category that includes Black and mixed-race people – comprise 56% of Brazil’s population but 43% of elected officials. So when almost 29,000 Afro-Brazilian city council and mayoral candidates took office on Jan. 1 after winning their races last November, communities of color celebrated their growing political representation.


Here is the stock exchange rates for AFRICA INC.

With Direct Capital Investment (DCI) increasingly making its way into the various sectors of the African continent, the stock market/bourse has been nothing short of dynamic. Major financial institutions from around the world have their footprints on these markets. In this section, AFRICA, INC., our editors will supply weekly indices/ standings on the market for the benefit of our readers.

Classic Nigerian Jollof Rice

Spiced and stewed in a flavorful tomato broth, it is everything from “everyday” to celebration. The classic version is cooked with long-grain rice (Uncle Ben’s/Carolina’s) and seasoned with Nigerian-style curry powder and dried thyme. Served with fried, ripe plantains which we call dodo and coleslaw, it is everything. Note that the world might consider this a side but in Nigeria, it is the main. 🙂

Even more special is Party Rice, a smoky version, cooked over an open fire, layered with smoke, spice, and immeasurable goodness. A few years ago, I cracked the code on approximating the smoky flavor on the stovetop.