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AFRICA THOUGHT is YOUR interactive space. Each week, we feature topical issues that will demand your thoughts, inputs, comments and reactions. This week, we feature stories and echoes from the infamous George Floyd’s verdict. In one of the pieces, legal experts weigh in on the various nuances in the landmark case, Law Professors Alexis Karteron (Rutgers University); Jeannine Bell (Indiana University); Rashad Shabazz (Arizona State University); and Ric Simmons (Ohio State University) react to the guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin…


This week, we introduce the groundbreaking work of our senior contributing editor, Ben Edokpayi, an alum of Nigerian journalism, an original cast of our editorial team in 1990 before he forayed into other endeavors. A thorough-bred investigative journalist, Ben anchors this section with two groundbreaking reports – one on the environment (an issue that is dear to his heart) – and the other, on the jejune coverage which Africa has been forced to endure from the foreign media overtime…


The well-connected lawyer Jude Kearney is backing the US-Africa Energy Forum 2021, whose aim is to promote greater American business involvement in Africa – a continent where the Chinese are currently omnipresent. 


Pineapple, or Ananas, as this delicious fruit is called in all the non-English speaking countries ls turned into fashionable shoes by three enterprising students in Nairobi, Kenya.


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The United States and Europe are both facing “common challenges, arrays of inequalities,” and “tensions” within their societies when it comes to racism, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a recent interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program that aired April 25. And while this is something both have in common, it’s important to note that their “histories are very different,” he said.


In 2017, while at work as a Public Information Officer for the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, DTSC-CalEPA, and almost three decades after a collaboration between an Italian Politician and a Nigerian-American journalist, on what was the biggest expose on environmental hazards in Africa from the west. I got an email from Enrico Falqui, a Green Peace member who is also a well-known member of the European Parliament.


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With Direct Capital Investment (DCI) increasingly making its way into the various sectors of the African continent, the stock market/bourse has been nothing short of dynamic. Major financial institutions from around the world have their footprints on these markets. In this section, AFRICA, INC., our editors will supply weekly indices/ standings on the market for the benefit of our readers.

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