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The lack of racial diversity and inclusion in the hospitality/ travel/meetings industry has resulted in only a handful of Black-owned public relations firms and advertising agencies actually having a seat at the table and influence over creative content. Not surprisingly, that deficiency directly affects the narrative and images of the Black culture, resulting in the ineffective creation of messaging and campaigns targeting Blacks.


In the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee (1932-1972), more than 600 Black men were told they were being treated for “bad blood” but were not actually given any medical care. Penicillin was widely available as an effective remedy for syphilis, but the men were denied treatment, as part of the study parameters and protocols. When the details of the study came to light in the early 1970s it sparked a wave of reforms in medicine and public health. 


Egyptian Startup Minly Raises USD 3.6 Mn Funding:       Minly, an Egypt-based creative economy platform, closed a USD 3.6 Mn seed round to allow stars across the MENA region to connect with their fans in a real, personalized way. The round was led by 4DX Ventures, B&Y Venture Partners, and Global Ventures. The round also included participation from unnamed regional funds and angel investors like Scooter Braun, founder of SB Projects; Jason Finger, co-founder of Seamless and GrubHub, Anthony Saleh


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Twenty eight year-old Onyeka Orie, looks the picture of happiness in his mobile phone accessories shop at the sprawling Computer Village in Nigeria’s main city, Lagos. The shop and everything in it had been given to him by his former boss after Mr. Orie worked for him without payment for several years, learning the trade.


Think of your favorite former male soccer player from Europe. You probably remember beautiful goals, unbelievable saves, fighting spirit. What is he doing now? Coaching? Or is he a player agent? Perhaps a sports commentator? Now think of your favorite former male soccer player who migrated from an African country to play in Europe. 


Here is the stock exchange rates for AFRICA INC.

With Direct Capital Investment (DCI) increasingly making its way into the various sectors of the African continent, the stock market/bourse has been nothing short of dynamic. Major financial institutions from around the world have their footprints on these markets. In this section, AFRICA, INC., our editors will supply weekly indices/standings on the market for the benefit of our readers. 

The EU has added the South African Rooibos tea to its register of products with a protected designation of origin- Africa. The iconic tea is the first African product to receive such status and now no-one can claim they are real Rooibos unless they are- Read more PRESS HERE